The Good of the Hive

A 3-story Bee Themed Mural in Downtown Bangor

Artist Matthew Willey of the Good of the Hive Project and Bangor Beautiful president Annette Sohns-Dodd standing in front of the completed mural, July 2023.

About the Project

Bangor Beautiful partnered with Bangor Greendrinks to create a large bee-themed mural in Downtown Bangor during the summer of 2023. The artist Matt Willey is the founder of The Good of The Hive,  a global mural project with the goal of hand-painting 50,000 honey bees, the number in a healthy, thriving hive. He has painted bee murals all over the world, including at the Smithsonian. The project included an outreach component to encourage people to take action to help save the bees and is a showpiece to spur the creation of future public art in Bangor.

This global art project will continue all around the world for many years to come. With the mission to ignite radical curiosity and active engagement around planetary health issues through art, bees, and storytelling.

Bangor Beautiful selected The Good Of Hive to be the first commissioned mural because of its very important mission as well as its ongoing nature. As The Good of the Hive completes new murals all around the world, Bangor can continue to showcase our mural and to draw viewers to the area.

The Location

The 3-story mural is located on the side of 47 Park Street next to Pepino's restaurant across from Bangor City Hall and the Zillman Art Museum. 

A special thank you to Laurie and John Karnes III for granting permission to install the mural and Consolidated Communications for use of their property for installation and celebration event. 



It is thanks to the incredibly generosity the Rock & Art Shop that Bangor Beautiful is able to bring the Good of the Hive Project  to Bangor. Please visit and support this amazing locally owned family business!



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