Buy Bangor A Tree

Tree sponsorship

Through Bangor Beautiful's Buy Bangor A Tree Program, folks can support the planting of trees in our community by sponsoring a tree that will be planted during one of our twice-a-year tree planting ceremonies.

We recently completed our first tree planting, placing 6 new trees at the intersection of Park and Center Streets, near Downtown Bangor. Our goal was to enhance the area's aesthetics, provide shade, and improve pedestrian safety by planting 3 River Birches and 3 Serviceberries in the esplanades.

To support this initiative, you can sponsor one or more trees at the following levels:

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Payments can be via PayPal: Click Here to Donate

*In the event that we receive donations exceeding the required funding for this current tree-planting project, any surplus funds will be set aside and reserved for our next tree-planting project scheduled for the spring of 2024. 

To ensure the young trees thrive, each tree will be equipped with a tree diaper, and the City of Bangor Forestry Department will be responsible for their ongoing care.

Your support can help to make Bangor safer and more beautiful. Thank you for contributing to our mission!